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A community for Stargate:Atlantis pairings other then McShep

For fans of pairing other than McShep
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All Members , Moderated
Any Atlantis fic, art and discussion is welcome, so long as it isn't McShep. The point of this is to create a place where people who find it difficult to locate things other then McShep to be able to find it. Cross posting is welcome. Discussion on pairings is welcome. Discussion on how "McShep sucks" is not. This is not a place to bash that pairing, but a place to celebrate other pairings.

When posting a new fic, please include the following information:
Warning (if any)
Authors Notes (if you'd like)

When making a rec, please use the same format but substitute Recomenders Notes for Authors Notes. Let us know why you love the fic you've recced. Please keeps rec posts to one a day, as much as possible.

In terms of icons and artwork, please post only a teaser of the icons (1-4 icons) and link to the rest. For artwork, a smaller version is much appreciated as larger ones will mess up friends pages and loading times.

Finally, if you plan on posting several posts in one day please (ie, several fics you want to share) please put them in one post and use tag cuts. This doesn't meen to say that you can't make more then one post in one day, but simply that you consider other peoples friends lists and streamline your posts as much as possible.